Over the past five years Artemis Information Management S.A. has implemented about 60 projects in the field of statistics and technical assistance worldwide, and signed 150 contracts of a total value of 9 million euros and almost 20 000 man/days.

Our company has developed a large scope of expertise in various economic sectors, its principle domains of specialization being: external trade, transport (aviation, maritime, inland waterways, and rail), energy, education and research, tourism, business registers, as well as PPP, public finance, and housing.

Our expertise goes far beyond the European Union borders. Through its technical assistance programs Artemis provides expertise in many world regions and contributes to the capacity building of national administrations worlwide.

Project title End date Start Date Geographical area Client
EU-ASEAN Capacity Building Project for Monitoring Integration Progress and Statistics (EU-ASEAN COMPASS)Support development of ASEAN Community Statistical System and Build the capacity of ASEAN Integration Monitoring Office through the development of ASEAN institutional framework and enhance capacity to collect statistical and non-statistical information. Implementation of a full training statistical program in the region. 2018 2014 ASEAN AIDCO
Gap-Filling for WASTE AND WATER STATISTICS 2017 2015 EU-28, candidate countries, EFTA countries EUROSTAT
Lot No: 3 Lot title: Core CORDIS software 2017 2014 EU-27 OPOCE
Annual Energy Statistics 2016 2015 EU-28, candidate countries, EFTA countries EUROSTAT
Transport statistics Maritime, Aviation, Inland Waterways, Common Questionnaire, road, rail 2016 2013 EU-27 Eurostat
Management of statistical data and metadata Lot1: Standardisation of code lists 2016 2012 EU-27 Eurostat
Management of statistical data and metadata Lot3: External databases 2016 2012 EU-27 Eurostat
Methodological Manuals on Energy Statistics 2016 2015 Member States, EFTA and Candidate Countries Eurostat
Evaluation du projet "Appui à la consolidation des activités d'une polyclinique à Mbuji Mayi (SUMEDCO) République Démocratique du Congo" 2015 2015 République Démocratique du Congo Fondation Follereau Luxembourg (FFL)
Preparation and implementation of a study visit for the Cuba National Statistical Institute. Topic: industrial statistics. Countries/organisation visited: INE Portugal, Statec Luxembourg, Eurostat 2015 2015 Cuba FIIAPP
Implementation of the e-learning on Industrial Statistics in the EAC region (phase 1). Concept Development for the e-learning Phase 2 2015 2015 Eastern African Community GIZ
Translation / Revision / Production of two e-learning modules (adult training & statistical dissemination) 2015 2015 Paris 21 OCDE/Paris 21
Evaluation d’activités en matière de réduction des risques de catastrophes au Laos financées par le MAEE du Luxembourg et mises en œuvre par trois ONG (CARE in Luxembourg, Caritas Luxemborug et la Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoises) de 2011 à 2014 2015 2015 Laos MAEE
Evaluation de la Convention de Coopération entre l’Etat luxembourgeois et l’ONG ENDA Tiers Monde (2013-2017) 2015 2015 Sénégal MAEE
Evaluation du projet de “Renforcement des capacités de lutte contre l’UB et la lèpre au Togo » (DAHW Togo-FFL) 2015 2015 Togo Fondation Follereau Luxembourg (FFL)
CARICOM CONSULTANCY ON MERCHANDISE TRADE STATISTICS. Provide the decision-makers in CARICOM with core, high quality statistics for the establishment and monitoring of the CSME. Objective of reinforcing the capacity of the national statistical offices and the regional office to produce and disseminate Merchandise Trade Statistics. Implementation of TA and User trainings of EUROTRACE. 2015 2014 Caribbean States CARICOM
Assistance technique de court terme : Appui à l'élaboration d'un Recueil des concepts, nomenclatures, classifications, définitions, indicateurs et méthodologies utilisés dans le Système Statistique National du Burundi 2015 2014 Burundi DEVCO/EuropeAid
Statistical services in the field of Energy statistics - Annual Energy Statistics 2015 2012 EU-27 Eurostat
Methodology and research - Lot 1: Methodology for production of European statistics (SILC Methodology, Regional and Urban Statistics, Vision Implementation Projects 2013 2011 EU-27 Eurostat
Capacity building in the field of user-producer dialogue on statistics in SADC countries e-Training of Trainers – an e-learning course based on the GIZ “Public relations and Statistics course” 2014 2014 SADC GIZ
Consultancy Services for the ‘ASEAN Community mission-based statistics dissemination and communication model' 2014 2014 ASEAN GIZ
Further development of a tool for providing a snapshot of the National Statistical Systems in developing countries. Assessing the strengths and the weaknesses of the NSS 2014 2013 EU-Partners, Developing countries Eurostat
Provision of short-term expertise to the Hellenic Statistical Authority to further upgrade the Hellenic Statistical System 2014 2013 Greece Eurostat
Training of Trainers (ToT) for environment and climate change statistics: development of the concept, implementation of the course for French-speaking African countries 2014 2013 Cameroon GIZ Germany
Support to SADC Macro-economic statistics, the Macroeconomic monitoring, surveillance and performance unit (MSPU) 2014 2013 SADC GIZ Germany
Système des Comptes Nationaux, session Bénin 2013 - Une formation à distance avec segment résidentiel 2014 2013 Bénin GIZ Germany
Promotion and dissemination of >statistical capacity tools in African, Caribbean and pacific Asian and Latin American countries 2014 2013 African, Caribbean and pacific Asian and Latin American countries Eurostat
e-Training of trainer based on the PR&Statistics training course 2014 2013 SADC GIZ Germany
L'évaluation de six ONG de développement agréées par le Ministère des Affaires Etrangères 2013 2013 Laos, Niger, Argentine, Tanzanie, Bresil, Cambodge, Pérou, Bolivie MAE
Analysis and dissemination of third countries data produced outside Eurostat 2014 2012 Third countries Eurostat
Statistical services in the field of Energy statistics - Monthly Energy Statistics 2013 2011 Member States, EFTA and Candidate Countries Eurostat
Statistical services in the field of rural development and maritime policy statistics (sub-regional statistics) 2013 2012 EU-27 + Croatia Eurostat
Time Use Survey 2013 2012 Luxembourg STATEC
Improving the quality of Social Statistics in Montenegro 2012 2012 Montenegro MAE
Waste statistics - Assistance in validation and publication of Waste Statistics 2013 2010 EU-27 Eurostat
Transport statistics (Common Questionnaire, Inland Waterways, Maritime, Aviation, and Rail) 2013 2010 EU-27 Eurostat
CORDIS - Development and maintenance of CORDIS Core Services (Community Research and Development Service - The gateway to European research and development) 2013 2009 EU-27 OPOCE
Combined trade and Business statistics - External Trade by enterprise characteristic: production & dissemination 2013 2010 EU-27 Eurostat
Provision of statistical services of treatment of data collections in the framework of structural business statistics (SBS) 2013 2010 EU-27 Eurostat
Monthly Energy statistics 2013 2011 EU-27 Eurostat
Further implementation of the European System of Road Freight Transport Statistics 2013 2012 EU 27 Eurostat
Support for the Implementation of Regional Indicators in Transport Statistics 2013 2012 EU-27 Eurostat
Elaboration and dissemination of “Guide to statistics in EC development co-operation” and related services (phase 3) 2013 2011 EU-27 Eurostat
Support to the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the development of a Twinning Fiche (Creation of Management of the Quality, Metadata, Geographic Information Systems and EU-SILC) 2012 2012 State Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan DEVCO/EuropeAid
Improving quality of social statistics in Montenegro: Technical assistance to conduct a EU-SILC Survey. 2012 2012 Statistical Office of Montenegro Ministry of External Affairs of Luxembourg
Training in Statistics 2012 2011 Luxembourg Inspection Générale de la Sécurité Sociale du Luxembourg
Support of CPI statistics in the context of international cooperation 2012 2012 EU-Partners Developing countries Eurostat
Overview of the national VET Systems 2012 2012 Luxembourg INFPC
Transport Statistics - Support for road freight transport statistics 2012 2009 EU-27, EFTA Eurostat
External Trade Statistics - Production of "Statistics in Focus" within the field of International Trade statistics 2012 2009 EU-27 Eurostat
Analysis and dissemination of third countries data produced outside Eurostat - Millennium Development Goals (MDG) 2012 2010 Third countries Eurostat
Provision of short-term assistance to support the Greek statistical system 2012 2010 Greece Eurostat
Transport Statistics - Support for the implementation of regional indicators in transport statistics 2012 2009 EU-27, EFTA, Candidate Countries Eurostat
CWCMS - Corporate Web Content Management System (based on Documentum) 2012 2005 EU-27 OPOCE/DIGIT
Revue à mi-parcours du Programme de Consolidation entre le Luxembourg et le Salsvador et Evaluation du Programme d'appui au Programme des communautés ruralessolidaies 2012 2011 Salvador MAE
e-Coaching of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics for the replication of the GIZ training course "Public Relations and Statistics - Building bridges between users and producers" 2012 2011 Palestine GIP ADETEF France
Implementation of the French and English Training course "Public Relations and Statistics - Building bridges between users and producers" respectively in Cameroon and Botswana 2012 2011 Cameroon and Botswana GIZ Germany
Modernisation of planification workshop in Western Africa countries - capacity building programme in the framework of national decentralization processes - GIZ regional programme West Africa 2012 2011 West Africa GIZ Germany
Evaluation of the Regional Statistical Programme 2007-2010 2012 2011 ECOWAS Countries ECOWAS Secretariat
Comparative study on the factors of competitiveness: Luxembourg - Singapore 2012 2011 Luxembourg - Singapore Ministère de l'Economie
Revue à mi-parcours du Programme indicatif de Coopération entre le Luxembourg et le Burkina Faso 2012 2011 Luxembourg - Burkina Faso MAE